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poker glossary/primer

So though there are several people who read my LJ who are much better poker players than I am, there are also people who would like to follow along, but have difficulty because I don’t go explaining the details/acronyms. Therefore this post, which I’m going to include as a memory, and also list in the music section of my poker posts, so interested parties can go look.

Feel free to post comments. I will make corrections to the primer and then delete them. I’m also going to add jargon as I use it. Also, after this post falls off the radar, I’m going to delete everything in this post right up to here.

For a summary of the rules and play, see here.

Here's a list of terms I’ve used in poker posts, in a somewhat modified lexical order. (numbers come after letters, and sometimes I count A, K, Q, J, and T as numbers.)

all in you’ve bet all the chips in front of you. Unlike the movies, you can’t be shut out of a game by not having enough cash. You can put in all the chips in front of you, and you are playing for what’s in the pot to that point, plus what other players match. Further bets by other players go into a side pot that you don’t get a chance at. You can’t reach into your pocket and pull out more money until after a hand is over.
big blind (BB) the player who is forced to make the initial big ante, which is usually twice the size of the small blind. He is the player to the left of the small blind.
blinds forced bets made at the start of each hand by the two players to the left of the button. This is a bit easier than having everyone ante something every hand, but does lead to some differences in starting strategy. Players in the blinds are a bit looser in initial hand evaluation, since it is cheaper for them to call a raise, having already put money into the pot.
brick and mortar (B&M) a casino in the real world. Foxwoods, Bellagio, Luxor, as opposed to an online-casino. The advantage of brick and mortar places are that you can see your opponents, casinos often have lavish hotels attached to them where lots of fun can be had, and gorgeous women are often around. I have this idea that players online might be better than players at a casino, but I haven't tested that out yet. The advantage of online casinos are that you don't tip the dealers, you can play multiple games at the same time (not everyone would call that an advantage), and you don't have to leave your own home to get there.
button the position that gets to act last in all rounds but the first. The button gets moved one place to the left after each hand is completed.
early position in a ten-person game, the first four players after the button.
expected value (EV) how much a bet is likely to be worth over the long run.
flop the 2nd round of cards to come out, after the players all get their first two cards. The flop has three cards in it.
late position the button, and the two players to the right.
limping in entering the hand on the first round of betting by just calling the big blind.
live money game the chips in front of you have a real cash value.
loose tending to play a wide quality-range of hands.
middle position in a ten person game, players fourth-seventh after the button.
NLH no-limit hold’em.
one off the button player to the right of the button.
pot odds the ration of the money in the pot to the size of the bet you must call to stay in the hand.
push him off a hand Trying to get a player to fold a hand that has you beat right now.
rainbow multiple cards with no suits in common.
river the last round of play. The river has one card in it.
short-stacked in a tournament, not having very many chips in relation to the blinds. The normal rule I use is if I’m less than 7x the big blind, I’m short stacked. Short-stacked players need to be more aggresive before the flop, because the room for manuevering afterwards is limited, and because if they sit around waiting for great hands, having to pay the blinds will eventually force them out of the game.
slowplay checking or calling now with a big hand in the hopes of winning more later.
small blind (SB) the player to the left of the button, forced to make a bet which is usually half the big blind.
stealing the blinds an attempt in late position to win the blinds by making a big bet when everyone up to you so far has folded.
tight tending to play only higher quality hands.
two off the button player two to the right of the button.
tournament the chips in front of you are just chips, with the proviso that as long as you still have some, you get to keep playing. How much money/valuable prizes you win in a tournament depends on how many players are left when you go out.
turn the third round of play. The turn has one card in it.
under the gun (UTG) the player after the big blind. In the first round of betting, this player is first to act.
AKs Ace and King of the same suit. I’ll use x for one of the two cards if its rank doesn’t matter.
AKo Ace and King of different suits. Yes, the “o” is superfluous. I used to use "u" instead of "o"; at Patri's suggestion I'm going to try to switch over.
T62s three cards all the same suit.
T62o three cards with none of the suits matching.
Ts6o2s the T and 2 are the same suit.
10/15, 50/100, 1K/2K, etc. the size of the small and big blinds at this point.
3x BB a bet three times the big blind.

I think that’s it for now. More as needed or suggested.
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