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Interesting poker evening

I'm normally mildly conversational at the poker table. I chat about topics of interest, though almost never politics or poker - the former because its complex and the latter because I have no reason to give opponents insight on my thinking. :) Last night ended up being a bit different.

I was sitting just to the right of a very loose, aggressive player - I'd class him as hyper-aggressive, for the jargon-enabled - which limited my options a lot. To top things off, he was hitting everything. (No really, his 85o cracked AA at the showdown, and that sort of thing was happening _a lot_.) Still, I was making a bit of money slowly over time, and after about 2 hours my randomizer came up 100, which is the number I assign to "do some Crazy Ivan stunt unless you're given some reason not to". I'm in the small blind with A7 off. 3 people limp in, and I could stick in a healthy raise, except I'm pretty sure I have a better plan, and limp as well. Sure enough, Mr. Loosey-goosey raises to 7 (too small to get anyone out, but his goal was to take control of the play of the hand), gets 3 callers, and now I reraise to 60 - the minimum number I think will do the job. One of the players in the hand, bless his heart, exclaims "Finally, you're not going to stand for this nonsense any more". Well, maybe he didn't use the word "nonsense" - its all a bit hazy.

The big blind thinks long enough to camouflage the fact that he got caught, and folds, and so does everyone else, and I scoop up the pot. The loose player chimes in with the typical "nice bet", and I say I had to do something - playing behind him was cramping my style. He points to empty seat to the left of him, and I come back with "That wouldn't be very sportsmanlike".

That comment changed the whole evening. Apparently he decided I was Danger Lad, and toned down his play a lot whenever I was in the hand. We started talking about poker situations a lot. It was fun. I learned quite a bit about how at least one example of that style of player thinks.

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