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Exporting Randycon

Every year I go to a small gaming con run by Randy Chertkow in Chicago, titularly to celebrate his birthday. Given that I have such a good time at it, and I now have a gaming club that I'm working with anyway, it seems like a good time to completely steal the idea. So I'm currently thinking of running a weekend-long gaming con at 3 Trolls Games And Puzzles from the evening of 28 September until the afternoon of 1 October.

I'd like to reserve a block of hotel rooms at the nearby Radisson, but don't really have a good handle on whether people would use them or not. So without actually committing yourself, let me know if you'd be interested in a room if I got a block. The standard rate seems to be about $160 a night, I presume I could get some sort of a deal with enough bookings. 3 Trolls is on Summer Street in Chelmsford MA. and the hotel is about a mile away.

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