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A small lesson from history in my lifetime

Richard Nixon almost got away with Watergate. The Senate investigations were initially explosive - Dean was a star witness damning to the presidency. The three networks took turns broadcasting the hearings, and it's estimated that 85% of U.S. citizens at the time saw at least some substantial parts of the proceedings.

But after a month, things were winding down. It looked like the hearings were going to end up netting a couple of Nixon's top aides, but that was about it. Then, on July 13, 1973. Donald Sanders asked Alexander Butterfield if there was any validity to Dean's inference that conversations were taped, and Butterfield responded with this lightning bolt from the heavens - "I was wondering if someone would ask that. There is tape in the Oval Office."

That reignited the maelstrom, and was the straw that broke the Nixon Machine's house of cards.

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