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Fortune favors the bold

It's an aphorism in no-limit poker that you need to be fearless when the time is right, and not care if it ends up losing you your stack. I got to pounce on a mistake by making a good play that worked tonight.

I was the button, and had a good table image, playing $1/2. 3 people limped in front of me, and I picked up 64o, and my random number for the hand was 87 (for those who haven't been following along, I discretely use a randomizer app on my watch to implement a mixed strategy, so that it's hard for opponents to be sure what I have), so I decided to make a small raise to $10. The blinds both called, and then the first limper did something odd - she put in 20, and then tried to take back 10, and was told that she had made a legit raise, even though she didn't intend to. She grumbled, but there was nothing to do. The other two limpers called, and then I made my move - I raised $125 on top, having checked to see that nobody was either short- or deep-stacked. The blinds folded, the inadvertant limper looked at her hand a while, said she couldn't call such a big bet, and folded, and the other two limpers folded. Basically, I risked $125 to win $95 with what was likely the worst hand at the table. But of course, my opponents didn't know that.

I don't know how this would play out at a tough table (perhaps Patri will chime in here). But in the games I frequent, I expect this play to work about 90% of the time or so, which makes it well worth making. Sometimes, poker can be very chess-like.

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