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Studying Agrippa turns out to be hard

I went to my first fencing practice last night. It was fun, and an interesting experience. My plan is to learn period techniques from historical manuals, and not worry too much, at least for the moment, as to whether that makes me a good fencer. But last night's lesson was all about very basic attacks and parries, as done by the local fencing community. I was, I expect, pretty much what you would expect from an aging heavy list fighter - I understood the ideas behind what was being taught but was pitifully inadequate at doing them. No surprise there.

My next practice is going to be very humbling - the first bit in Agrippa is all about fighting from the first guard, which is both very tiring and very much out of line with what everyone else is doing. I'm going to be hard pressed to fight this way and do something sensible. The text gives a lot of suggestions using a lot of terms I don't understand yet.

This is going to be a blast.

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