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Have cell phone. Will travel.

Tom Courtney
1 October 1955
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  • herooftheage@livejournal.com
AKA Vis. I am an occasional programmer, full-time poker player, who likes gaming, Shakespeare, the SCA, and most especially, my friends.

Besides a bio, a warning. Do not think that friending me or contributing to one of the threads here constitutes placing a lien against my behavior. If you have some deep, dark, secret, you have just wandered into the wrong portion of the web. I AM AS LIKELY TO KEEP A SECRET AS TOM BOMBADIL IS TO HOLD ONTO THE ONE RING.

Really, nothing malicious here, but I don't think that way - things just don't get marked "secret" in my file cabinet. If I'm thinking of you as Jimmy instead of "sagaciousstudmuffin", I'm going to call you Jimmy. There are some people who think this is bad etiquette, and for them, I say there are others who think you are mistaken, and I am one such other. While I generally won't out you on purpose, I also don't think I have any huge responsibility for your anonymity, either. I was born and raised in an era where people generally knew who they were talking to, and not only is that affectation deeply built into me, it is one that I actively approve of.

If this turns out to frost your socks, perhaps some other journal is for you.